Because it makes me feel better
Smashing the screen
with a hammer!
Because it stops me....
It is still 'technically' ilegal
to shoot you in the face
Because, in some parts of the
United States

Angry Pig....Because it makes me feel better!

You have found the Pig. Not that I have been hiding of course, it is just that it is only the rare and most persistent of browsers who seem to stumble onto this particular muddy backwater of the Interweb. Only those with the tenacity, the time and the obvious lack of anything better to do ever make it here. Those who do generally get going pretty quickly and who can blame them?

However, here I sit, blood pressure permanently high, yelling at the things that annoy me. The list of things that annoy me is long and not particularly exclusive. It can be anything, if you stand still for long enough you may end up featured on one of the pages. In between getting upset at the world and shouting at things I spend a lot of time wondering about stuff. I never really come to any conclusions but this may be a vain attempt to do so.

For the same reason that I rarely respond to facebook, LinkedIn or any one of the other thousand 'social networking' sites I probably won't respond to you. If you don't like it then just cruise on by. If you like it feel free to sign in and comment on any of the articles or photos. It's nice to get feedback, well, nice is a strong word, I can say it generally doesn't annoy me but I cannot promise it won't. Anyway, I won't send you SPAM emails because, and let's be honest here, I probably won't even read it.

The pig was drawn by Kennon James. I have the artwork - He has very kindly allowed me to use it as the logo so thanks go out to him for that. You can see more of his artwork (and I recommend you do) at his web site.